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Manage and pay all your bills the easy way with CUe-Bills. CUe-Bills, EPL’s bill payment service, is the leading credit union online bill payment product. This technology allows members to manage and pay all their bills and invoices online. A consolidated status report shows billing activity and biller information. Everything is posted on a secure website, so users have complete access to pay their bills wherever they go-whenever they need it.


Classic Bill Pay

Traditional “Pay Anybody” product
Appropriate for beginner or intermediate users
Recurring Payment Options
Automatic payments – for some or all bills
Transaction History
View, Stop and Change Pending Bills
On-line Enrollment
Instant Add Payee
Compile all of your payment information into a single, convenient status report
No more checks to write, envelopes to lick or stamps to buy.
All payments are managed online, which give you access to your payments anytime, anywhere you have Internet availability.
On vacation or on a business trip, you have complete control over your financial bills.



Bill Pay Plus

Most advanced product
For the more seasoned bill payer
Includes all services related to Classic Bill Pay
Reminders for bills due
Additional security

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