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CU-Dashboard is the latest EPL product that helps your credit union staff more effectively serve your members and communicate with each other. Imagine one central place to post all your policies and procedures, administrative forms and information, launch applications, and provide information on your products and services to your members. CU-Dashboard is exactly that and more. Because it is more than an intranet, CU-Dashboard can be accessed from the World Wide Web to effectively communicate with your staff from anywhere there is internet access, providing up to date information in the event of an emergency or disaster. CU-Dashboard is easy to implement and allows maximum flexibility to customize your dashboard for your credit union.

Key Features
Internet Accessible
Secure regions for executive staff and board members
Centralized storage and easy update capabilities for:
   Files (Any Type)
Information on CU-Dashboard is backed up by EPL to ensure it is never lost.

Built in templates for fast implementation 

Can be tailor made to serve your specific Credit Union's needs
New Additional Features
Event Scheduling Calendar -- allows you to keep organized and keep employees informed of upcoming events and important dates
Search Utility -- Now find the document or the item you need more quickly with an easy to use search utility, which will search all the items on your Dashboard
More Customization In A New Design -- Now specify as many different tabs as you might need (designed with the colors you desire), and also have the Dashboard primary colors in your Credit Union's colors, we will work with you to design your Dashboard as you need it

NEW!  Dynamic Latest News Updates -- With an easy to use form, you can now issue news items for your credit union quickly and easily, and even set a certain date range for the news item so it automatically removes itself at a given time in the future

NEW!  The Water Cooler -- allows your organization to avoid needing mass e-mails to all employees by using this online message board. Everyone who you grant access to your Dashboard would be able to read and post messages concerning work or personal announcements on this bulletin board like system. Individuals you designate as Dashboard Administrators would have oversight access to maintain the bulletin board to remove or update any postings as required. It's another great way to maintain communication amongst your credit union staff!

One web clipping -- allowing you to add additional information helpful for your credit union, feeding directly from an external web site that you specify
ShortCuts Bar -- Have up to six applications used regularly by your organization at the top of your Dashboard for easy access by your organization (the bar stays visible at the top for access from any of the Dashboard pages)
Benefits and Uses
Maintained by Credit Union
Instant updates by Credit Union
Store Human Recourse Documents
Training Guides
Credit Union News Marketing Information
Disaster Recover Information
Policy and Procedures
Any information that the Credit Union needs can be stored on your dashboard.

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