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Laser Notices

Let EPL and our partner Palmetto Cooperative Services take the burden of printing and mailing notices off you and your staff. Now, for just pennies above the cost of postage your credit union can have professionally generated laser notices which includes the costs of postage, paper and printing. The notice is presented in a format that captures the memberís attention. The process of printing the notices is fully automated and requires no effort on your part. You will receive e-mail notification after the notices are printed informing you that they were printed, how many of each type were printed, and that they were successfully mailed. Imagine no more printing, bursting, stuffing envelopes, applying postage and sealing required. Your notice preparation will be a thing of the past.

Some of the periodic Notice Types that Credit Unions send in this format include:

  • Welcome Letters
  • NSF Notices
  • Overdraft Transfer Notices
  • Courtesy Pay Notices
  • Late Payment Notifications
  • Certificate Maturity Notifications
  • Safe Deposit Box Renewal Notices
  • Tax Forms

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